Hello everyone. I am a newbie to this forum but not to eating primal. Unfortunately over the past few months, i've really slipped and to my shame I have been eating terrible foods, such as chips (big bags) and whatever else I fancy. I really have been just giving into my cravings without any regard for my health or how much those cravings will come back to haunt me.

I really want to get back to my healthy way of eating, I love primal and I feel so good when I eat right. I don't know if it's a form of self-sabotage but just when things are going well for me, I fling myself off the wagon and I really don't want that to happen again because it's getting harder to get back up each time.

I'm already struggling to think about this weekend and how I won't be able to have a big bag of chips as my reward.
Hello to everyone and hopefully this time will be different.