I have a real good feel for how many calories are in my meals. I average 2000 - 2500 a day....... and somehow, I GAINED 6 pounds over the last 5 days, and that just doesn't seem possible. That would be eating several thousand calories a day more than I eat, for each of the last 5 days, and trust me, that didn't happen.

I didn't cheat other than one SMALL bite of a banana muffin I made. ( I made 12 muffins because the bananas were going to go bad. I was planning on giving them away, so I took a small bite of one muffin just to make sure they weren't terrible, and then fed the rest of that muffin to my dogs ).

No extra salt was eaten.....

I'm clueless here on this.... I don't think it had to do with caloric intake.