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Thread: Anyone here done Les Mills or Bodypump?

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    Anyone here done Les Mills or Bodypump?

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    I'm starting Les Mills Pump today, and I'm super excited!!! I want to get ripped, lol!!! Anyone else done this program and had good results?

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    Depends what you want to achieve. It's a nice high repetition semi cardio all-round workout imho. It depends on your instructors whether you get good cues on your form. As it is a choreography you're doing on music following the rhythm can prevail over good form which may cause injury. So better start with lower weights rather than higher and focus on form.

    One day I started my trainings with assisted pull ups (BW -/- 40lbs), but after 5 times of BP I could easily do 5-10 unassisted. So it can make you strong. Have fun!

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