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Thread: How to cope with seasonal affective disorder?

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am upping my vitamin D3 supplementation to 10,000 IU from 5,000. I'm looking into a SAD light but I'm not sure when to use it. Trouble is I move around a lot. During some weekdays I stay at my parents, wake up at 7 am, go to university, sit in the library for a few hours, then go to lectures, then back to the library etc. Maybe I'll wake up an hour early and use the SAD light and read, not sure.

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    You just need to sit in front of it for 20-30 minutes first thing in the morning. I just read my paper and do computer stuff while I am doing it. You dont look directly at it but have it off to the side shining at your face. Mine is about 6X6X1 inches and about 1 pound. Could take it to the library with you. It will take a week or two for you to notice anything though just to warn you.

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