It is the middle of October, summer has continued with beautiful weather and I have had a really nasty cold/flu thing for the last week. I will be the first to put my hand up and say that I have not been eating optimally for the last few months but for me that still does not explain it as others I know who do not eat well never get a cold or flu.

As I work for myself, it is really important to stay in tip top condition. I know that I seem to have a 'weakness' for cold and flu and sinus but I feel I must be missing something or that I need extra of something.

I was listening to Underground Wellness this morning the broth episode with Lance Roll and her said you can add herbs for particular healing is there a herb that can nip this stuff in the bud. I have been having my chicken stock etc and I plan to make more this week. I am also getting back into the swing of things diet and exercise wise,but do you good people have any suggestions that I can add to my routine.

Thanks for reading.