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Thread: Hello - a newbie who wants to feel alive as well as being alive.

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    Hello - a newbie who wants to feel alive as well as being alive.

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    My name is Kathryn and today is my first full primal day. I have been gradually reducing my carbs but now have decided that today is the day that I go fully primal. I must admit that on one hand I am looking forward to it but on the other feel quite nervous about missing carbs.

    I live in Kent in England and have been overweight since my early twenties with the gradually creep of fat year after year! I have wanted to look after myself for many years but an eating addition has kept me from that. I am addressing the two things of too many carbs and my addition together as I want to have freedom. I also need to look after myself as my younger sister died suddenly a few months ago which I believe was a result of her weight problems as she was super morbidly obese (dreadful term "morbid"). I cannot put my parents and family through the death of another child because, if I don't start looking after myself, that is what will happen to me.

    Ooooh I hope I don't sound too depressive because I am not and I feel very upbeat about this new stage in my life. I want to feel alive as well as being alive!!

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    great, there are a decent amount of brits on here

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    Hey welcome. That is sad about your sister but you are brave to tackle it head on with others in mind as well as your own health. You can do it!

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    Hullo! I'm one of those other Brits! I'm also v new to primal living (just about 4 weeks in). I love it and feel so much better already!

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