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Thread: Animals Australia to fight against factory farming with an add campaign page

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    Animals Australia to fight against factory farming with an add campaign

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    ANIMALS Australia will tomorrow launch its biggest campaign yet aimed at bringing an end to the intensive "factory farming" of pigs and chickens.

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    Even with their vegetarian bias I see this as a positive move. At least they acknowledge that cruelty free meat exists and is a better option instead of the usual "Factory farming is bad, so you should never eat meat/eggs/dairy again".

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    Very good! I like that their message is 'get rid of factory farms' and they use images of factory farms without going for wholesale shock and grossness.

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    I've always had quite a soft spot for Animals Australia, as they aren't as militant as animal liberation (who I was a member of as a teen, ha) or as eager to toe the line and not offend the status quo as the RSPCA (who still do some valuable work). I think they walk that fine line nicely.

    And one of their biggest supporters and advocates is Jan Cameron (australia's 4th richest woman) who I'm pretty sure eats meat.

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