For a long time, I was put off by rabbit because it looked so much like cat parts, but primal cooking has made me more adventurous. An "Amish" farm market near us (and I put Amish in parenthesis because I'm not sure how much is actually produced by the Amish vendors) has rabbit every weekend. They are about 3lbs each with about 1lb stewed meat recovered. The rabbits are whole, cleaned, with organs still attached. The young woman I asked didn't know where they got the rabbits, so I'm guessing they are farmed? Anyway, it's a start.

The liver, I recognized. It was, like, single serving appetizer sized. There were two heart shaped things, one a little bigger than the other, but both pretty close to acorn sized. And then there was one flat, oval, white thing, smaller than the liver, but bigger than the heart looking things. I tossed all the organs, because I read that rabbit fat was nasty and I was afraid of them, but then I looked through the archives here, and rabbit livers and hearts are tasty. So next time I pick up a rabbit, how should I cook these things?

I used the stewed carcass to make broth. Such a teeny little thing, smaller than a chicken, and only gave me 2 cups of broth, but it smells divine and I will use it like chicken broth, I think, to add a little something extra to a recipe that calls for broth.