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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    I'm not sure I understand the anti-chicken sentiment. Yeah, if all you know how to do is dry bake chicken to a tasteless mess, then sure, chicken sucks. But chicken parmagiana is delicious. Stir fry using chicken is good. Just because CW made boneless, skinless chicken breasts its meat of choice doesn't make chicken bad. Like any lean meat, it takes some creativity to make it taste good - like elk, alligator, rabbit, and many of the meats everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to eat.
    I think it's a knee jerk response from those that have been eating ONLY chicken for so long since all the other meats were "too fatty". Basically I only buy and cook whole chickens now. Usually in the crock pot over a bed of veggies.

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    I just baked a pan of chicken legs for lunches this week. I like it because roasted chicken tastes good hot or cold, which makes it a nice lunch option. I also use chicken in other recipes. If you buy good quality chicken that gets to run around outside and eat what chickens should eat, then it's a great option. I get tired of eating red meat at every meal, and it's nice to add in chicken as well as fish and seafood for variation.
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    I am nuts over crispy chicken skin, to the point where my family has just accepted that I'm going to eat every crispy, delicious inch off of it before they get anything. I've been known to flip the carcass over after we've had our fill just to crisp up the back skin and eat it before throwing it in the pot to make stock. Seeing how the rest of my family pick around it or discard it, I just took matters into my own hands and peel it off as the "cook's treat".

    That said, I really try to make our chicken purchases from local, pastured farms. An occasional storebought rotisserie bird sneaks in here and there, and I don't abstain from the skin, but I try not to make it a habit.

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    Certainly remove it!

    Then place it in your mouth
    preferably roasty toasty...

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    Well, yeah, chicken parmigiana is tasty, but isn't that stuff covered in bread crumb unless you have a recipe that doesn't call for it?
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    I just skip the bread crumbs - so maybe mine is more like chicken cacciatore. Sorry about that. I still really love it.

    Maybe it is knee jerk; the dislike. I'm much more careful about the chicken I do buy.

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    even if you dont care for the can use it to make broth...with the leftover carcass! I roast two whole chickens per week...and my hubby doesnt care for the skin, so I nearly eat the entire chicken skin myself---no complaints here!
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    I think this is where primal differs from paleo a little. Cordain recommends to remove all skin and fat from chicken or all meats really.

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    Afaik the skin has decent O6 in it. So balance with some high O3 foods (not in the same meal per se as I wouldn't want to combine chicken with sardines... ).

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