hi all
my names cath and ive been primal for about 5 days so far,
am really enjoying the complete change in my eating habits and i have to say at least so far i dont miss grains and sugar
i do have some sugar in things some honey in a cuppa or a sweet ish style sauce to dips my chicken and corriander meatballs in but as a whole im not consuming any extra, i have lost 1 kg so far and i feel ... light no feel of bloating at all which has been a problem.

i originally decided to change up my eating habits because i was just feeling bleh, thats my word for no energy and just a general feeling of not wanting to do anything , i was eating poorly and not doing any where near as much exercise as i would usually do , so decided a change was needed did some research and came across this site and it all just made wonderful perfect sense to me!

looking forward to reading all the delicous recipes and everyones forum posts !