Hey everyone! I have been reading through tons of posts but as there are so many varying opinions and ideas changing I am hoping for some clarifications and suggestions. Sorry in advance if this is long !

Some background for me - I have been "primal" since January 2012 after a few friends at work suggested it to me after a really bad sickness, hysterectomy surgery and the havoc it had on my body. I have only lost about 5lbs ( all the success stories were making me mad at my body for not being the same ) ... However I was feeling better but still tired and worn out quite often. We found out that my son is celiac after going primal which made the transiition much easier. The only real cheat I was doing was some corn based pasta (consisted of organic ground corn and water) and some cheese which I love and some butter with cooking. We also have potatoes for dinner sometimes as he is a 16 yr old boy, however I would usually pass on them or take a very small amount. I can't drink milk, i eliminated sugar, grains - everything .... Still no weight loss and feeling like crap.

I went to a naturopath and that was the best thing I could ever do as with allergy testing I am actually allergic to eggs and whey!! As I was alternating between two eggs with veggies or a low carb / no sugar whey protein shake with flax seed, berries and almond milk ... It explained why I always was feeling ill and eliminating all that has made me feel TONS better, although it does narrow down even more what I can and cannot eat.

The question I have is I am wondering if anyone has some new breakfast ideas that are quick to make and go with - I am getting bored of my same smoothie everyday(minus any protein powder of course) or a handful of almonds ! I am shift worker so do not even get to eat normal people hours

Also- where is the corn / potato debate sitting right now ( too many posts and I've been reading forever and just getting more confused ). The corn debate has always confused me as corn has dated way back as a staple as a natural food I thought for South America and is usually eaten natural and organic ground. Excuse my ignorance if I'm wrong on that.

I love the primal cookbooks as they are all mostly dairy free (yay) but wondering if anyone has any suggestions. People think that gluten free cooking/ eating is hard (not at all when primal) but when it's gluten, grain, corn, potatoe, dairy, egg free - throwing in a teen who hates vegetables I'm stuck ! Lol

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.. Oh and to add also - despite cutting even more food out (eating cleaner and no cheats at all) and starting with 5 days a week workouts to the three primal workouts a week .. Then no workouts for 3 weeks (hell weeks and with a Mexico trip in there) Still no weight loss or weight gain even ..think my body is cursed!!! I am 36 yrs old, 5'3 and 158 lbs.. I don't even need the pre-hysterectomy weight of 130 but nothing will budge. If Anyone has had a similar problem and have suggestions on that I would've grateful.

Again sorry this so long but back story helps to put things into context with the whole picture.

Thanks all! I have turned so many people onto this way of life but I'm the only one without the "success story" so far