Well, I guess it's time to stop being an MDA creep and introduce myself and what my Primal life is all about.

I'm 20 years old, living in Miami Florida. I'm an EMT....well, a certified one not an employed one . I grew up extremely athletic, I was good at everything I tried and sports were my hobby and my life. Softball was my favorite though, I travelled the country every weekend from the time I was 6 years old til I was 16....then things went down hill.

I went through some rough times and ultimately let everything I'd ever known slip. I passed up offers of College Scholarships to D1 schools, I just kind of said screw it all and quit. *insert doing stupid high school things here.* I gained weight, I didn't care or even really realize that when it was all said and done I'd gained 25 pounds. I never realized how much food became a hobby, a crutch, a competition (yes I could eat insane amounts).

So, I started to get fed up and decided it was time to feel better and look better. I just started eating less, working out a little. Lost 5 pounds nothing crazy. Then one day my Mom tells me about this "Paleo" thing she heard about on the news, we joked and she said she didn't think I could do it.....I used to eat a box of pasta a few days a week, eat boxes of Pizza and Pints of Ben and Jerry's. Everything I do is to excess, I'm an ALL or nothing person.

Challenge accepted! I started doing my research and ended up here. I started eating Primally in April but I had all sorts of f*** up days. Slowly I got more and more serious as I started seeing results and doing more research. I started crossfitting the last week of June, cut out dairy. And here I am, in the Middle of a Whole 30 and starting to see my abs

I'll try to update as I continue on my journey and get some before and after pics etc. up here. So, if ya wanna hear...er...read me ramble. You know where I'll be!