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Thread: Older SheGroks: Pelvic organ prolapse and exercise HELP WANTED

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    I see this thread is a little old but I've just joined. I also have prolapse (cystocele and rectocele) after having my son three years ago. I'm only 33 - it is incredibly frustrating. I'm just starting eating primally for the past month or so to see if it would help with chronic constipation (which as you mentioned is awful for prolapse). Thankfully it is working out great for me and that situation is much improved. I do recommend also trying a magnesium supplement for constipation - that has helped me as well. I take Natural Calm (on Amazon).

    I am hoping to figure out exercise with this situation as well. I'm planning to start cycling for the brief intense workouts since the pelvic floor is supported. Lifting will be tough. I'm seeing a pelvic floor PT who is helping me strength those muscles but depending on what is damaged it may or may not help the actual prolapse significantly. It will help me gradually add more exercise. Also, be careful to take it slow since your pelvic floor muscles can become strained and tight and you don't want to end up in pain on top of everything else.

    In my mind if you do not have pain and your daily life is not significantly impacted surgery is optional. This surgery has a high failure rate (prolapse returns) depending on your situation, your surgeon, and how active you are after the surgery. Some surgeons recommend not lifting anything over 20 lbs after surgery for the rest of your life. Definitely do your research before jumping into surgery. That said a lot of people have success with surgery. Hopefully the options and success rates will improve as this condition gets more attention.

    I also highly recommend for more information and a very friendly and encouraging group of women.

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    PHaselow, was just wondering how this is going for you? I think I have this issue. I'm not really primal but eat mostly grain free and find good advise here. I'm quite freaked right now and when I saw this thread I felt a bit of comfort.

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