I can't believe I am typing this. Ugh. I do all the right things: I keep my weight in a healthy range, I don't smoke, I exercise regularly for 25 years, I eat well and I don't take any meds. And still I can't beat Mother Nature.

I am on my way to a diagnosis of Pelvic organ prolapse. One of my restrictions is no heavy lifting. What the hell? Right now, I cannot even tolerate a fast walk or slow job. I can do some squats and leg lifts but anything involving holding weights is too much strain.

I am near tears with frustration.

Anybody dealing with this or have resolved this problem?

I'm pretty young (47) to be experiencing these symptoms but it is what it is. They came on suddenly 2 weeks ago and were complicated by a concurrent UTI. I did have some minor exercise induced incontinence over the past 2 years so I guess this is just a progression of what was already in the works.

Another thing I need to do is avoid constipation like the Plague. Any suggestions? Coffee doesn't always do it, and it seems like all the red meat I've been eating isn't helping matters. I don't want to take laxatives.

Thank you, in advance.