Today is 10/21/12.
I'm 37 years old and 5'7''.
I weighed in at 271 lbs this morning.
I wear a size 22 in jeans.
I am going to have hubby measure me today for the record.

While I am obese, I am, strangely enough, pretty healthy. I need no prescription drugs because I have no disease or condition that requires them. I believe that I have warded off things like diabetes, etc. because I eat very high quality foods: grassfed beef and pork, pastured, organic eggs (from our backyard flock of chickens), organic butter, raw milk, lots of veggies (mostly organic and usually sauteed in butter, olive oil or coconut oil) and fruit. Oh and I make our own bread from scratch (from organic wheat berries that I grind myself). I refuse to keep chips, crackers and candy in the house. I don't drink soda. I am what most people would call a health nut.

BUT I am over a hundred pounds overweight. I am convinced that it is because of the grains and sugar... oh and because I eat bigger portions that I should (because I am a good cook and my food tastes so doggone good).

I lost weight with Atkins back in the late nineties and again in 2003 (over 50 lbs). I am convinced that MY body just doesn't do well with grains and sugar. I need to face the facts that MY body needs a low carb diet to be optimal.

The problem that I had with Atkins was that I was always looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth (so I consumed a lot of Splenda -- which I now avoid). And I was eating a lot of soy (shakes, flour). Now that I am a Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) foodie and know better about soy I avoid it very well. I didn't like how restricted fruit and veggies were on Atkins so I could never accept it for a long-term solution.

I am looking forward to adopting the grain-free but fruit- and veggie-filled primal eating plan. And hubby and my brother's wife are going low carb too because they both recognize that their bodies don't do well with a high carb or SAD diet. I'm happy to have some low carb partners with me.