I am a 40 year old woman who has been living primal for almost 2 years now. Primal got rid of my severe hormone issues and helped me lose 30 lbs. so, I started getting migraine auras (without headache) a couple of months ago; then I had my very first ever actual migraine headache 10 days ago. Horrible headache and throwing up for 7 solid hours. The headache got better, but left me with a slightly less painful right-sided headache which is focused above my eye and the back of my head/ neck- all right-sided. The pain is still there- just not as severe- and I have had 3 auras since then. I am also extremely exhausted and dizzy- I nearly pass out when bending over at all.
I dont have any medical problems that I am aware of, Cholesterol is super high (my mother's is too and she has been primal for a year now)- In March it was is 323= HDL 72 Trigs 118 (seems high for my diet but i do enjoy red wine and dairy) Ldl was measured out- I don't understand the results but it says "predominantly fluffy". Not sure if cholesterol results have any relevance. I have given up red wine since the migraine= Really sad since the disappearance of red wine wine headaches was one thing I achieved with primal diet! I am trying to lower coffee and cheese. I hate conventional medicine- but thinking I should see someone since It is odd to suddenly have such an extreme case at my age= and it's not going away! Also I come from a place where Lyme Disease is rampant- both my parents have it- my dad has Lyme induced parkinsons and is hyper allergic to nearly everything. I was bit several times as a kid- 1 with rash. Any advice or insight? Thanks!!