Notice in Sainsburys: "Every time you use our bag, the planet thanks you."

Well, it had better speak up, because I never fucking heard it.

It's the obnoxious grandiosity of it: that we can do a favour to something as large as the planet -- but only by the means of this supermarket chain.

Maybe they could start a little smaller? How about not driving almost every butcher, every fishmonger, every greengrocer, every bakery, every milkman, and so forth in the country out of business for starters? I've seen all these close throughout my life. How about not stuffing rapeseed oil, HFCS, and soy into just about any product you can on your shelves? How about not carrying any product that isn't accurately and honestly labelled? How about paying small farmers a decent amount for their produce and not trying to screw a lower price every year oh, and here's another: how about decent pay and conditions for your own staff? No wonder they always look so miserable when I go there! Waitrose (John Lewis) can do this: why not you?

To cap it all you financed that shifty character Tony Blair, who did more damage to this country than could be calculated.

"The planet" forsooth! Let's start large: it's only words after all. Nauseating.

Anyone got any other examples?