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Thread: avoiding refined foods

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    This is why I object to Primal folks who say they eat "real food" or "unprocessed food" or "whole food." Well that could apply equally to almost any diet. You could argue that vegan and raw food diets are less processed than primal.
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    Any diet the focuses on unprocessed foods is going to be better than one based on grains. Unfortunately most vegetarians are grainatarians. Even if they ate whole unprocessed food and see and improvement does not meat their diet is better than primal which includes good healthy protein from game, beef, fish etc.
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    You need some better definitions of "refined" if you consider home-rendered lard, ground beef, and sauerkraut to be "refined foods" - they are basically cooked, cut up, and fermented, respectively, all can be done at home without electricity and with no chemicals of any kind. Nobody is claiming you have to eat raw wild zebra kidney to be "primal" - sheesh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra in BC View Post
    When it comes to food, I consider "refined" to mean it had to be made in a refinery, by some advanced mechanical or chemical method that couldn't be replicated by hand.

    Lard and olive oil are not so much "refined" as they are "extracted"...while commercial varieties are probably done through an automated process, it mimics a method that can be done by hand.

    Ground beef is not refined...its "prepared", and only slightly more prepared than a steak that was cut with a meat saw. Its the same product as a steak, just prepared differently. I still buy prepared foods (salt, spices, frozen & canned veggies, broth, coconut oil, pasta sauce, shredded coconut, chocolate, vinegar, butter, cream, mustard, etc, etc) with an eye on the ingredients of course.

    If it wouldn't exist without a factory, its not real food and I don't eat it.
    I would probably classify refined as something that removes a lot of the nutrients. Olive and coconut have most of the nutrients removed similar to how raw sugar does when processed from the raw sugar beets

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    Yes even I to don't like to eat refined food ,I simply avoid to eat it as it contains large amount of fats,which very danger to my health now i m 75kg,but before 80kg,simply want to have some nutritional food.

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