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Thread: Mark Hyman on PBS

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    Mark Hyman on PBS

    He is on my local PBS channel right now hawking his blood sugar products as part of the PBS fundraising. Must say he comes across as a total quack. In 1870 he would have a wagon with a load of snake oil.

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    good thing Romney will be slashing PBS


    just kidding folks
    Yes, the real Dirk.

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    I've seen that show. The portions where he is talking to the PBS host are typical: PBS is hawking his products as a fundraising tool. Boring, but doesn't really bother me.

    The "meat" of the show is him explaining his program to a studio audience. I found that part quite interesting. PBers would find plenty to criticize, such as his acceptance of brown rice and beans. But he has a lot of good information too, like avoiding processed foods and anything with sweeteners, especially sugar and HFCS. He also pushes whole, fresh foods.

    I'd say that his program, while far from perfect, is miles ahead of the SAD. I'll stick with the PB, but wonder if Hyman might be useful as a "halfway house" for people who are interested in improving their diet but are put off by the ancestral programs.
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