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Thread: What is a Burpee without a push-up or jump?

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    What is a Burpee without a push-up or jump?

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    just going down to a plank position then back up to just a squat. Is this considered some form of a burpee?

    want to try the burpee/kettlebell swing ladder from a kettlebell topic a few days back but i can't jump = but can squat and my right shoulder is a little sore but i think just putting a bit of weight on it through the plank will help alleviate some of the soreness.

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    The standard burpee is just the squat thrust and standing up without the jump(but arms tight by the sides). The jump burpee adds the jump, and the bast**d (as it was known at fire brigade training school when I went in 97) was the pushup > squat thrust> to jump, and jolly fine fun they are too :-)

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    I think its just a squat thrust. But we call it a sprawl in Krav.

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