Hi Everyone,

I am undergoing somewhat of a transition right now and need some help adapting my primal lifestyle to it. I recently moved from the mountains in Alberta into the big city of Toronto. I work as a midwife and am on call ALOT (20-25 days/month). I used to be able to trail run and go for long walks/hikes when I lived in the mountains but my new job requires me to be within 30mins of the hospital (I live about 30 mins away currently) and there are not really many places to get out and run around.
I've been doing some TRX workouts in my back yard and I'm not afraid of hitting the gym. I've been doing treadmill sprints once a week and regularly spinning but I feel like I need more to maintain my fitness. Anyone have any suggestions for me...besides getting a new job? FYI Its a one year contract and I'm looking for options outside the city with access to trails and more greenspace