So I've been struggling with low-carb and primal for a long while now and am an avid reader of primal/paleo/low carb forums. Something I see over and over again is that newbies and stumblers (like me) who are trying to lose weight get down to the "optimal carb" level hit ketosis for a day or two, don't feel hungry, eat lots of fat, and then do something really stupid. For me, today, it was taking a hit of grains and HFCS in a sandwich and chocolate shake at Arby's.

People describe this as a "carb craving" but that's not really how I experience it - it's not like I'm sitting here thinking "I'm thinking Arby's." It's a sudden spur of the moment decision to just ignore everything that's gone right over the last 48 hours and eat a roast beef sammich and a shake. It's like a foggy loss of control. The logical, "ask yourself if this decision aligns with your goals" is totally unhelpful because this is not a logical decision or action, it's like an instinctual action. If you've never experienced this it probably sounds a lot kooky, but I keep seeing this happen to a subset of us. I'm wondering what is living in my gut that takes control over my brain at these moments!

I was wondering if anyone had working theories on this.