Hi all

I have been primal for about 6 weeks now and in the beginning was losing just under a kilo a week but for the last 2 weeks my weight has not budged!! I have not had any wheat, legumes, grains but do have milk in my tea/coffee (max of 3 per day) and I use coconut sugar (1tsp per cup of tea/coffee). And I do use a little bit of cheese (just to sprinkle on eggs etc).

So why, why, why??? Example of today's food:

9-1pm: nothing cause I never really feel like food until then
1pm: one egg omelette (no milk added), with fried onions and cut up steak a sprinkle of mozarella and some paleo mayonnaise.
Snacks for work: a sausage and some almonds
Dinner at work: cabbage stir-fry with onions and stir-fry beef mixed through. And a sprinkle of mozarella.
2 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee - with full fat milk and 1 tsp coconut sugar in each cup.

I have recently joined a gym and have started just doing stretches and strength training.

I work as a nurse so I'm not in a sedentary job - walk a lot!!

Could someone tell me what is going on??? Why has the weight loss slowed down so much???? What am I doing wrong.