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Thread: Struggling and not budging

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    Question Struggling and not budging

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    I started eating paleo about a week and a half ago. I know I haven't given it much time but I'm not seeing big differences yet. I had 2 really good days of good digestion, no stomach bloating/pains; high energy and clarity of mind. Then the crash happened. I felt like i was dragging and stressed and started getting the cravings. I tend to crave sweets and ice cream. I'm a an orthopedic nurse at a hospital, and constantly face stress minute by minute throughouot the 12hr shifts. Which I work 3x a week. Now I walk 10,000 steps a day; I do the weights and the sprints and the bdy resistance workouts; I'm just not seeing results.
    My weight doesn't want to budge I've put on probably 15 lbs in last yr without significant changes to my routine other than working more and a lot of "life changes: new job, new apt, new bf, new roommate, moving twice..etc" I used to be 165 lbs 5'4" over 4 yrs ago and had lost weight through CW/SOUTH BEACH Diet and training. My maintenance wt was 115 size 0/1 for last several yrs and now its been steadily creeping back up, now at 130 lbs, size 4. I used to be able to easily gain lean muscle mass and now it seems like no matter what I do I always feel and look soft.
    I have even had the doctors do labwork to see if something was wrong. My labs are all normal no celiac, no hypothyroid..none of it. I'm frustrated I'm tired of feeling like crap all the time and not knowing why I'm gaining all this weight. Does anyone out there no what to do or have suggestions or similar experience???

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    It took me 2 weeks to notice any difference.

    What do you eat in a typical day, how old are you and what are your stats?

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    5'4" and 130 isnt shabby AT ALL! i think a lot of us tend to be too hard on ourselves and this ideal body image. Give things more time...slow and steady.
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    It's definitely NOT enough time, and you could well be going through "carb flu" at this point -- where you naturally feel crappy for a couple of weeks while the body makes it's adjustment.

    So, at this point, manage your stress as best you can, stay the course, and don't worry about it. It will happen.

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    A week and a half? That is nothing. You are still at an average weight and as such, it takes a lot of work and calorie restriction to lose. There will be a lot of people with amazing stories of weight loss on this forum, most of them were grossly overweight before. Do not expect fast results at your starting weight. I'm not trying to discourage you, I was at roughly the same place as you were myself and it took me a good year to lose 20 pounds, with the last 5 coming unexpectedly because of a bout of severe laryngitis. Just be patient.
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    What was your TSH level? If it was over 2.0 you are hypothyroid and your doctors don't know what they are talking about. You need TSH, T3 and T4, plus TGA and TPO antibodies. - If you are over 2.0 for your TSH go to Thyroid Mistreatment, Hypothyroidism Scandals, and Thyroid Treatment Problems | Stop The Thyroid Madness

    Get tested for your iodine and vitamin D levels. Take selenium, zinc, magnesium and L-Glutamine for your probable leaky gut.

    And a week and a half is nothing. Your body is healing so give it some time...

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