Okay, I'm going to try to start this and track my progress through this life-changing journey.

To start, a little about myself:
I'm 25 years old
I've always been athletic and active (soccer, hiking, running, walking, surfing, snowboarding, etc)
I have two dogs -- a 6 year old lab-mix, and a 2.5-year old German Shepherd Dog
I love my boyfriend (and he is taking this journey with me)
I moved to Utah by myself [dogs includedd] about 1.5 months ago
I've gained 15 pounds in the past 1.5 years; I've also spent the past 1.5 years being hungry and unsatisfied.
I'm ready to conquer my food obsession.

Okay, now on to the real story. Last summer [May - July 2011] I completed the Insanity workout -- in the first 3 weeks I dropped those last six pounds and I held steady at about 115 for quite some time. But slowly the weight started creeping back on, I was also starving all the time and I never quite felt satisfied after a meal.

So, slowly until this point I kept gaining weight...up to 130 (at 5'2" it's too much weight for me). I haven't been happy the past few months because it just feels like an endless battle to lose 2-3 pounds and then gain them right back. Not to mention, every few weeks my boyfriend would come into town and we would dine out and I would always end up eating too much -- just continuing the circle.

BUT, a couple of weeks ago I came across this site [I'm not even sure how] and the more I read, the more I was curious. So I made the decision and I bought The Primal Blueprint, The 21-day Total Body Transformation, and the Quick and Easy recipe book. I read the 21-Day book on Friday and Saturday and purged my kitchen on Sunday [October 14, 2012] -- my diet on Saturday had consisted of meats and vegatbles only, so already I was on my way to the right track.

Purging the kitchen was a fun adventure and we got rid of a lot of food [more bothersome to my boyfriend then myself]. We had also been to Whole Foods the night before, so already had some fresh, organic foods to stock the kitchen a little bit. Over the weekend (my weekend is Sunday-Tuesday) I delved into cooking all sorts of new things that fit into the Primal way of eating:
  • Omelets with bacon, avocado, onion, and bell peppers
  • Spaghetti squash omelet
  • mashed sqaush (like mashed potatoes, but yummier)
  • A pumpkin pie with a walnut crust
  • Spiced mixed nuts
  • Walnut crackers
  • And after carving pumpkins I saved all the seeds and roasted them and spiced them.

I'm less hungry and more satisfied (which is the feeling I've been striving for since doing Insanity last year, I missed that feeling that I was forcing myself to eat because I needed fuel rather then because I was starving all the time). I'm anxious to see what the coming months hold for me and for my boyfriend. Thanksgiving and Christmas will definitely be interesting, I already have some plans for how to alter recipes to make them more primal-friendly