At this point I've lasted 18 hours and I feel great. Granted I'm on 16 oz cup number two of coffee today (half to 3/4 decaf, with a little cream and sugar) -- so not technically a full fast, but still...

Anyway, in my mind THIS is how an intermittent fast is supposed to go. I think Sunday's flop was a result of not eating enough food for the previous four days, so now that I'm eating a more appropriate amount I'm able to actually do a fast and feel the great and wonderful benefits of it.

So, now that I'm feeling much better (compared to this morning) I can actually process this lifestyle change and the things I want to gain from it, instead of just throwing a pity party because my weight is out of control....
  • I want to feel better about myself
  • Lose some weight
  • Feel full instead of hungry
  • Have energy
  • Be more active/energetic

And ultimately.....
Be happy, have fun, enjoy life!

Ultimate goal today is to make it until tomorrow morning before breaking this fast; we'll see how I feel after I pass the 20-hour mark though.