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Thread: Should I add the following book to my growing colletion?

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    Should I add the following book to my growing colletion?

    The Paleo Diet by Cordain has a copyright date of 2002.
    His newest work - The Paleo now available in paperback.
    Does anyone know offhand if his theories/suggestions have changed?

    I never read The China Study and more than one person has suggested that book...

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    I'd run a seafood fork into both of my eyes before I paid a cent for the China Study.

    Probably fine with the other, from what folks have said.

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    Here is the link to a guest post, with tons of links within it, discussing The China Study, Will Eating Red Meat Kill You? | Mark's Daily Apple

    The folks suggesting that you read The China Study are probably attempting to save you from your "dangerous meat eating ways," as the authors are very much against consuming animal products of any type.

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    get the latest cordain book, the paleo answer. way, way more up to date. i still don't do cordain-style paleo, but the original one has some serious flaws.

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