I cut out all the grains and sugars out of my diet for three weeks, while eating more organically, more fruits and veggies. I found giving up the sugars and grains pretty easy, but hard to eat protein on the go so was having a lot of nuts and cheese. I probably lost about 10 pounds over the last 3 weeks.

My problem began last Saturday when I woke with extreme pain from a small bowel obstruction. My last day I ate alot of mixed nuts ( cashew, almonds, pecans, hazelnut and Brazilian nuts), free range steak with a sweet potato. Today is the first day I am allowed to eat, clear liquids only with broth, jello and apple juice. Tomorrow I start just liquids for several days before I advance to solid foods. When I'm allowed to eat again, I'm not allowed nuts, uncooked veggies or fruit. I'll be in the hospital for over a week.

How has this happened to anyone? Any suggestions to a newbie who can't eat raw veggies and fruit? Any suggestions for the hospital stay or liquid diets?

When home, I have a vitamix and can make smoothies.

Thank you,