I mentioned to my doctor that I have changed my diet to a Primal/paleo one and he asked if I was eating lots of grains. Okay, wow, he has no idea what I mean. So I tell him what I am eating and that I have been doing so for about 6 weeks. I went in for another reason, but my weight is down about 10 lbs since my last visit and my blood pressure was amazing! 102 over 58!! I mean, it was good before, but this was really good.

He then tells me that it sounds a lot like Atkins (not entirely false) and that most people get tired of it and will revert to their old ways with those kind of diets. I have been sick with a good old fashioned virus (cold) and have not tried to comfort myself with the SAD and am really proud. While on weight watchers, comfort eating and falling off the wagon was a way of life for me. I could never follow it. THIS, I can follow. So, for a Dr. that is East/West (he is both), I am very disappointed with his lack of support. Anyone else experience this? Only makes me that much more determined!