So....I have been trying to live/eat primal ffor a few months now, however my wife is having a harder time. she is finding it a bit over whelming and hard to get into the groove and make it a part of our family's (twin 2 year old boys as well) lifestyle. she recently discovered paleo mom and is going to explore that a bit more for some more help and guidance...does anyone else out there have any suggestions for good blogs/sites for primal living that are based on a busy mom's point of view? ones that perhaps can steer us towards a healthier lifestyle but also give her some good tips on groceries, snaks for the twins, things to have in the freezer etc etc etc.

also if anyone knew of a resource like this that was also canadian that would help out as often I find the groceries and items suggested for american readers are not often available up here....yet...

thanks everyone for your help.