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Thread: What can I ask the restaurants I eat at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpycakes View Post
    Ask your waiter how his/her day is going. If you go to any restaurant these days expecting something remotely in line with your diet, you are a silly individual.
    Unless you go to a vegan/raw food place. Those people will probably be more concerned with what they put in their food than you are.
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    If your city has a weekly farmers market, go to the market and when you see someone pushing a stack of crates on a dolly through the market picking up orders, ask them what restaurant they work for. Then go eat at that restaurant. If you can afford it. I can guarantee you that if your meals are in the $10-50 range you're not eating organic vegetables, grass-fed beef and real olive oil. Otherwise, order steak, ask for it rare. Ask for steamed vegetables and a baked potato. That's probably the best you can do for a big meal. Get a salad and smuggle in your own dressing. That's probably the best you can do for a small meal.
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    I think eating out... call it your 20% and don't worry about it. If they are serving pastured and grass fed meats, it will very proudly be stated on the menu as such. You might ask for things like "cook my eggs in butter" or "no oil on my veggies".

    For me, I just call it 20% and get something good. This weekend I had duck with pomegranite jus, a potato gratin and shared a cheese plate and bourbon gelato with flourless chocolate cake. I had a little heart burn, but the meal was awesome. It would have been less awesome to get all type A and end up with plain grilled something and steamed veggies.

    I guess though, if you eat out a lot, you can't do that.
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    I stick to questions that will really impact me. Since no gluten, egg or dairy anymore, I just can't have them without getting bad side effects, that is more than enough to restrict me.......

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    My parents own a restaurant that's pretty in line with primal for the most part (they do serve grains, but there's plenty of stuff without it). They don't advertise their vegetables as organic because they grow them themselves and although they are organic, are not certified as such. I'm not sure about the meats - i know their supplier is a local farmer who brings his pet pig with him to drop off deliveries, and I know it's a small operation.

    It's funny - their restaurant has become quite the meeting place for the Ironman crowd - there sure do seem to be a lot of them around here!

    But my point is that you're more likely to find better quality food at a small owner-run place. The big chains have major corporate interests to satisfy, and that will always come at the expense of food quality. My parents could certainly run their place cheaper using Cheney Bros. provisions, but their priority is fresh, healthy food. If you look, I'm sure there are places like that around you too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndChance View Post

    Restaurants are out to make a profit, not to nourish you. If a restaurant is using quality ingredients, they'll be bragging about it, not keeping it a secret. If they aren't using quality ingredients, they'll likely boast about their "fresh cut" vegetables, etc.
    I agree. Having worked as a cook for years, I know if the restaurant is using grass fed meat or local veggies they will let you know and you will be paying generously for it. As far as cooking oils go I've usually seen canola oil. I wouldn't bother emailing them, most don't have the staff and time to answer emails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    I think eating out... call it your 20% and don't worry about it.
    ^ This! And try to cook at home if you can. My husband is a chef, but works a lot of nights, so I am becoming quite the cook myself. Try it, you might surprise yourself.
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