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Thread: Rankings of 25 popular diet plans.... guess which one came in dead last

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    Fine. I don't mind being dead last. At 40 years old I'm the healthiest I have ever been. I sleep like a baby every night and feel great pretty much all the time. I will never go back to the SAD. Dead last it is! More bacon for me!
    “You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.” - Ron Swanson

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    Just wandered over to this thread. I'm currently 10 days in on the Paleo way of eating and have to say I've never felt better. I was a vegan off and on for many years and my health has been spiraling downward for quite some time. Just 10 days ago I entered this forum skeptical, fearful, yet looking for answers because the vegan diet was killing me!!

    Someone on this forum suggested that I just 'try it'... and so I did. Fast forward 10 days and I'm already seeing tremendous results. Unfortunately, I 'was' following the SAD because as a nurse, that's what I've been taught all these years. I couldn't wrap my mind around this way of eating, but now it all makes sense to me.

    Rather then repeat my story, if anyone is interested, here's where I've been posting these past 10 days:

    Seeing this just infuriates me to no end because people are being fed a line of bull crap. We have the highest rate of obesity in America now then we ever did in past years. Children are being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and showing signs of elevated cholesterol and pre-hypertension. Something has to be done. There is no way in hell that the Paleo diet should have ranked last in that review!

    I would love to start a grass roots movement to spread the Primal Blueprint information out to the masses. Slim-Fast.... really? They've got to be frickin' kidding me!!!!!!!!!!

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