Let me start by saying, I will PayPal you $1000 if you give me new information that leads me to fixing my problem.


I'm Steve and for over a year I've had what I think are food intolerance's, weither they are or not, I will let you decide.

Around a year ago, I started eating chocolate again after not having any for a long time because of a EBV reactivation. Chocolate and respiratory problems don't really go together.

I would have one chocolate bar every day. After a while, I would feel sick after my one bar. It's nausea, I wouldn't actually throw up. When I wake up the following morning, I would be fine again.

Once I figured out it was chocolate, I cut down to chocolate 2 days in a row then a 1 day break. Then as it got worse, so I went down to 1 every other day and then finally none. I started getting nausea after every sugary snack, such as biscuits, cookies, cakes and so on, even small quantity's. But not sugary drinks or alcohol. Even

My first thought was it was sugar, but I can't help but notice that I'm fine with it in liquid form. Sugar is in everything, bacon, bread, sauces, surely that's not it.

Looking back, 2 years prior to this, I had the exact same symptoms but with tooth paste, once I changed to a natural tooth paste, I was fine.

As time has gone on, I think eggs now give me the same effect and lately something in my near perfect paleo diet has started to trigger the same problem, I have yet to work out what it could be. Perhaps bacon as it seems to start quite early in the day.

Food intolerance's are not uncommon, but I've made a HUGE lifestyle choice and have literally dedicated the last year of my life trying to fix this problem.

I'm aware I have a leaky gut, H. Pie Lorie, Yeast infection and perhaps a parasite. I did take medication for no2 and 3, so that may be fixed. As well as a lot of supplements before and after.

I currently take: Probiotics, GI Revive, Apple Cider Vinegar, HCL, Vit D and Digestive Enzymes. I've taken a whole load of other stuff in the past, I've been on all of the above apart from ACV for at least a month, prior to that I was on similar stuff.

I'm 99.9 sure this isn't psychological for those who are going to jump onto that bandwagon.

A year prior to the food intolerance's, I was VERY stressed, then got a lot of respiratory issues and for about a year took a bunch of medication including acid blockers, nasal steroids and antibiotics. I'm now very aware of the side effects these drugs can cause.

I'm working on the presumption that it's a gut issue but I've worked so dam hard on fixing it that I'm starting to think, could this nausea be something other that a food intolerance. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any other questions.


Steve (long time MDA reader, first time poster).