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Thread: Awesome Birthday Gift! Steak

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    Awesome Birthday Gift! Steak

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    For my birthday, my awesome brother and sister in law sent me steaks. Wagyu beef. 2 filets and some ground beef. HOLY CRAP. That steak was like eating butter. It was AMAZING.

    Anyhow, they make all sorts of claim about the fat being better than normal fat (Grass fed, grain finished), and the beef looked different (fat evenly distributed making every bite tender and delish.

    Any thoughts on this type of beef vs. regular vs grass fed? It's WAY to expensive to be a significant part of my diet, but BAM,.... that was an awesome steak and frankly the best thing I ever ate.
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    No thoughts on the beef, but I wanted to say Happy birthday!! That is a great gift, I would have be thrilled!

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