I haven't had refreshing sleep in years. I'm 19 right now and weighing in at 65kg (lean, skinny mofo) and during my secondary school days I was constantly up late into the early hours (12-3am) of the morning on the computer or texting friends, regardless of whether I had to wake up early (7:30am) to get ready for school. My stupidity led me to feeling completely miserable and utterly exhausted every morning to the point where I couldn't even concentrate on my studies, but an early night or two made me bounce back with boundless energy, a crystal clear head void of any brain fog and a fantastic mood. Despite me knowing how amazing a good night's sleep made me feel and how pointless those late-hour sessions were in retrospect, I still ended up doing them - a lot. I kept going back and forth with the; late nights -> exhaustion -> early night -> refreshment - pattern, but it got to a point where I just ended up being fatigued all the time. As a teen I thought it was 'normal' to be up so late. I always used to think 'this can't be right, why am I ALWAYS tired 24/7!?', but looking back...no shit, Sherlock. That's what happens when you muck about with your endocrine system so recklessly.

Long story short, I need advice from other AF sufferers, regardless of whether you've actually fully recovered or not (though I'd LOVE to hear some hopeful testimonies). It's a long term battle that needs diligence, but I need some guidance. How long did it take you all to recover, or at least see significant progress? I'm eating Primally, but should I lean towards higher or lower carb? Should those carbs be from starches, fruits or both? I've heard that one or the other can stress the adrenals even further. I just need a tweaked Primal program and advice specifically tailored towards adrenal fatigue, really.