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Thread: Are veggies really primal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    I think this is a confusion between "visual volume" of the diet vs "caloric volume."

    Our meals appear -- on the plate -- to be 3/5 or more veggies and then meat on the side. There's oil on there, too, but you can't see it, you know? So, the chiro would look at me and go "yes, 60-70% of that diet is veggies." But of course, our veggies only actually make up 20-25% of our calories.


    To the OP,

    I don't really care what our paleo ancestors ate. Looking at the science around this stuff -- since the WAPF days in our household where we were only eating sprouted grain stuff 1x week at most and not eating other grains except rice because of the processing -- when I found paleo, it just made sense. It was a natural progression. It also coincided with what DH's naturopath was telling him to do, and it just was a good fit for us.

    We like to eat our veg. We eat diverse, seasonal veg. Lots of things -- like those that you list cukes, peppers, tomato, salad greens of all kinds, kales of various varieties, brussels sprouts, local tubers and squash (pumpkins etc) in their season, and so on. I'm even looking into foraging for our wild foods around us. We are eating diverse foods -- more fish and game (boar and venison these days) with some beef and chicken as well. I'm removing pork, but DH and DS still have it (bacon, usually). And, we eat citrus, seasonal (passion fruit, feijoa, kiwifruit, stone fruit in seasons), and berries. And, coconut cream and oil, as well as olive oil, and also butter.

    Mostly, we eat what we enjoy. It's all flavorful.

    For me, it's more about "does this work? Does the modern science demonstrate the healthiness of this process? is that mirrored in my health?"

    And the answers are yes. And that's why I do it.

    I'm not a paleo-reinactor. I just use the term "paleo/primal" becuase it's an easy label. people get what I mean.
    What is DH and DS please?

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