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Thread: Vibrams and stress fractures..

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    Vibrams and stress fractures..

    So... as much as I have loved hiking in my vibrams I think they're the primary cause of all this pain i'm having (right foot, 5th metatarsal towards the cuboid bone). I'm quite sure it developed from stepping on rocks and sorta having my foot "bend" from left to right and leaving my lil pinky toe bone hanging on it's own.

    I had done a bitch of a hike up in Maine about a month ago and had a little pain after that, seemed to not go away even staying off it for a month. Went hiking again this past weekend and I kept it well under control with a few spurts but now it feels all stiff and can be a harsh pain if I move it wrong.

    I wish I just rocked it barefoot my whole life so there wasn't any of these adjusting problems. I'm 21 with a messed up shoulder so it kinda sucks to have my foot out of action now too (though I can do leg workouts). I wanted to hike again in a week, doesn't look like that's gonna happen though.

    Anyone have experience with this same issue? I believe it could also possibly be "cuboid syndrome". What was the healing time/steps you took to better it? I suppose I'm just complaining but it'd be nice if somebody else went through the same thing and could tell me what's up.
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