Hey guys,

I'm new here so just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, I'm from Sydney and I'm 25 years old

I've been hooked on the primal blueprint book, and I have found many success stories here so inspiring.

Decided I want to go primal in an effort to become more healthier and lose 25+ kgs. Just got back from the shops, after spending an hour in the supermarket buying all my primal needs (Coconut oil looks weird, and it's solid?! LOL, and WOW nuts are quite expensive!).

I would like to ask a question, and hopefully someone has some experience losing weight on the Primal. Judging from the carb curve, it looks as though if I eat roughly 50-100g of carbs or less each day, I will steadily lose weight.
Does anyone have any good info on how I can judge my carb intake from eating veggies? Should I be eating veggies with each meal of the day or should I go lighter on the veggies and head more towards ketosis for weight loss? and is there much chance of going over 50-100g a day in carbs from solely veggies and no grains?

Thanks guys,

- Shen