....that is the calorie/macro equation, I mean.

Over the last three days, I noted what I have eaten (never have done that before) or counted calories. Quite an eye-opener. I am trying a 1600-1700cal/day mainly to get lean!! I came up with that number from the HSIS. I am trying the more ketotic state 70f, 20p, 10c. I eat low carb typically, but am striving for less. Last week I broke structure and did the tater thing for 7 days which did not work for me.

What I question is how do I get in the right amount of macros and still keep the calories where they need to be?

I eat good fats and I understand they are needed, but they increase the calories quickly. I do not feel satiated until I have sufficient quantity. How can you add "lots" of olive oil, when it increases significantly.

My carbs come from non starchy veggies.

Should I stick with lean meats or lower fat to get more quantity? That goes against all here right?

Do I need to be eating more cals? I heard it said...eat till full. IF I did so, it would be more than my allotment. After tracking for 3 days, I see where I eat a little of this and a little of that while cooking, or in between meals.

What is more important.....monitoring cals. or eating till full (reasonably) ?

This may seem jumbled, and that is how I feel after seeing what 1700 cals looks like and wanting more.

My stats are: 38F 5'1" 101#(give or take)
I lift weights 3x perweek and do some cardio(jog or HIIT) 1-2x and move a lot.