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Thread: My Story, My Lipid Panel, Advise Needed

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    My Story, My Lipid Panel, Advice Needed

    Hi -

    I am 56 and over the past year acheiving optimal health has become my goal. On December 19, 2011, I eliminated all grains and dairy except for some occasional whipping cream in coffee. Also watched my sugar intake carefully. I do enjoy a daily 1.5 oz serving of premium scotch or bourbon, neat. Exercise moderately, could do better.

    The day I started primal (12/19/2011) my waist was 40" and my weight 198. Today my waist is 35" and I weigh 174. I am very pleased and feel great.

    I take three blood pressure meds and one statin. My goal is to take none and I expressed this to my doctor at Kaiser at our last visit 2-1/2 months ago. He proposed I drop one blood pressure med and halve the statin dosage, which I did. Last week, I rechecked. Attached are an image of the results, the numbers did creep back up. I will be seeing him next week and will let him know I am not going to give up. I monitor my blood pressure regularly and am doing fine without the beta blocker I was taking.

    I am so confused by all of the conflicting cholesterol information and feel like I am up against such a conventional approach that I'm not at all sure how to handle my upcoming meeting with him.

    Comments on my numbers and any advice on how to proceed would help me tremendously.
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