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Thread: Oily Eyelids

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    Feb 2012

    Oily Eyelids

    Since I've been eating primal I've noticed my upper eyelids get oily and shiny a lot. Sometimes I have to wipe them off because I can actually feel the oily stickiness when I blink and it bugs me.
    I'd imagine this oiliness has to do with the higher fat intake. But, it's weird because the rest of me seems to be less oily since eating primal. I can go twice as long without washing my hair now, for example.
    Anyone else notice shiny/oily eyelids since eating primal?

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    Oct 2011
    I do notice that I have more oil around my eyes since I wear glasses and have to clean oil off them numerous times a day.

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    Ontario Canada
    I've always had very oily eyelids (as in no point of wearing eye shadow). No change since going primal though. No more, no less.

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