Hi all

I've been trying to get primal, but found that even though I've been giving up wheat, grains, and sugar, and my scale show some weight loss, I'm not losing much in the fat dept and now I'm in the process of trying to figure out what I'm not doing right.

The obvious thing for me is beer. I love Le Terrible beer from Canada, but high in calories ... I think beer is something I really need to put an end to. It isn't helping at all.

I've been enjoying these wonderful gluten-free, nitrite and nitrate free sausages from a local meat company, but they are very high in fat... maybe I should not be eating them? I'm not sure...

Heavy cream has no sugar, but is it something to be avoided? I think I've doing things half-right.

And I have a question. Why are ab exercises not included in the workouts listed?

There seem to be a lot of copycats out there regarding going primal. www.PrimalBurn.com and another called "The Truth About Abs", has anyone seen these? Your thoughts?