Last Wednesday was my first Starting Strength session. Specifically:


Workout A
Barbell Squat 3x5
Chest Press 3x5
Deadlift 1x5

Workout B
Barbell Squat 3x5
Barbell Press 3x5
Power Clean 5x3

So far, just one week in, it's going great. I am already seeing some definition popping up (I'm ~20% body fat but am fortunate to have a good shape/body structure underneath the fat). I'm feeling stronger everyday, which I thought wouldn't happen after doing CrossFit for 4.5 months and struggling with that (particularly the weightlifting as, I believe due to the high reps/time competition, I wasn't able to get my technique right or ever increase weight).

Questions for those with weightlifting experience, particularly with this program but any compound beginner one like this:

1. I'm concerned that this type of program is focused solely on being a power lifter/breaking strength records.
I honestly could care less what my deadlift PR or squat weight PR is. I'm lifting weights because I understand it's the best program for health and day-to-day fitness. While getting stronger is great, my real true goals are:

- Get more muscle definition (vs simply building muscle mass)
- Better overall health

Does this type of program still make sense? In addition to the above 3 days per week, I also do minimum 1 hour of 'move slowly' and one or two times per week I'll do HIIT cardio. I also eat 95% primal.

2. The warm-up progression for each lift, as prescribed in the SS guide, is awfully time-consuming/lengthy. How strict should I be with progressing through the multiple warm-up sets, before getting to my working sets?

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