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Thread: How to be primal when you are allergic to everything??

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHaselow View Post
    Do you find your food allergies resolving at all as you continue being Primal? I'm wondering more about the IgG allergies (latent) and not the IgE kind that can cause anaphylaxis. I believe I have food sensitivities but not traditional allergies that people think about when the word is mentioned.
    I should have been more specific. I don't have serious food allergies, but intolerances. Eggs being the worst offenders.

    No, being primal hasn't helped my intolerances. Which sucks, because I really miss eggs. I have to buy a lot of meat/seafood and plan like crazy. I basically eat meat for all three meals per day, with seafood mixed in for variety.
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    I developed a problem with eggs, but I found that I could eat the yolks with no difficulty.

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