Hello all!

I have been lurking around here and reading for awhile but I finally jumped in to post because I need some help for my sister.

Little blurb about me so you know who you are talking to! I am 26, live in the San Diego area, Marine Corps wife and Ballerina. Have horse (I know some of you do too I see you posting about going trail riding!!) Very active naturally hubby and I love to hike, and the hour a day of barn chores involving shoveling you know what and hauling the wheelbarrow around makes for some good slow movement. 2 dance classes a week, an hour to an hour and a half, and ussually we are at the beach swimming or out hiking or something like that on the weekends. Despite this about 7 months ago I noticed my waist measurement creeping up, from 24-25 (depending on how much food I had in my tummy) to between 27 and 28, and I felt bloated and just yucky all the time. I went on a reading spree, first Fast Food Nation and Fat Land, that led me to Pollan led me to Taubes, led me to Cordain and Price and then eventually here. I threw out everything grain in the house and I lost the three inches and gained my abs back in about 3 weeks of fairly strict primal (I do include dairy). Since then I have tinkered here and there with ketosis, If, and carb levels, just kind of dialing things in and re learning to cook. We bought the "Make it Paleo" cookbook and I am never going back to all that pasta! (We are going to try making our first loaf of "fat bread" from free the animal this weekend.

Last month I was visiting my sisters and we were out for a day at the disney parks. My youngest sister has always had problems with getting the shakes if she doesn't eat, seemed to not be all that blood sugar stable. She was getting like that and we went to get some food. She got one chicken strip into the meal (yeah the wheat breaded fried in god knows what kind) and she was feeling ill. That launched her into a cascade about how she has been feeling like total crap the last couple months, even by CW standards hasn't been eating well. She lost weight (she has none to spare, I think that 8 lbs put her under 100, her hip bones were way to prominent) She has been having major female issues and the doctor suspects endometriosis (fun right?). She talked about everytime she eats she feels like she just has this huge brick in her stomach, bloated, a touch sick, etc. So I asked her if she was willing to give this a try, I grabbed some of the success stories from MDA to show her (particularly the ones with ladies that have reversed similar hormonal conditions) and on oct 1st she embarked on a whole 30 type trial. We precooked her a ton of food, homemade chicken soup and beef stew, all with bone broth, ready to go stir fry just needing reheating, turkey ready to be added to salads. A couple weeks in I realized she was going waaaaaay to heavy on the fruit and not heavy enough on the fats and meats etc. She was having some bloating and digestion issues and I think she may be a tad foodmap sensative plus she had way to much fiber going on. (She was doing a fruit smoothie for breakfast, sometimes with eggs on the side, then a salad with turkey for lunch, then an apple and grapes for a snack, then some nuts, then stew for dinner, and no butter or fat or salt on anything. I plugged her into my fitday tracker and she was getting like 26 grams of fiber, most of my days are in the teens or lower maybe. I told her to butter and salt everything she could stand because she was craving the salt (happens when producing ketones right?) and cut back to one fruit or nut item/serving a day and make the rest up with meat and eggs) Overall she has been feeling loads better but here is the problem. She is allergic to like, everything. She is allergic to coconut (like anaphalactic shock allergic, not mildly allergic), allergic to avocado, allergic to bannana, papaya, mango, most tropical fruits, walnuts, some other nuts but I can't remember which at the moment, ok with roasted almonds, but raw not so much. Lets see what else... cucumbers, raw spinach (steamed or cooked ok, finding salad mix was fun) and raw brocholi, again cooked ok.

So besides butter, how do I get her fat intake up? She can't have coconut (in fact she almost bit into a coconut flour rasberry muffin at my house because hubby forgot about the allergy and offered her one when she saw them in the fridge). She can't have avocado, and I don't want to introduce dairy right now because of the hormonal issues. She is using olive oil to cook most stuff in and on her salads. Like I said, overall she is better, I just want to see if anyone has other suggestions, tweaks, ideas, etc.

She tends to undereat and be very low calorie sometimes, I worry occassionally about somewhat disordered eating. She has always been preoccupied with weight, always seems to think she has some to lose, although she has never weighed more then 110. so, I guess any advice on that front would be welcome as well.

sorry for the novel! I hope you guys have some ideas for me!