I started trying to get on the primal diet a few months ago and apart from the odd slip up I have been doing very well and yes although I do feel better in myself and I have lost a small amount of weight but now I feel like I'm eating for the sake of eating rather than enjoying food. My diet has roughly been:

Breakfast: 2 Egg omlette and yakult blueberry yogurt
Midmorning: Tin of mackerel with spinach and a protein shake (full milk)
Lunch: Sliced steak salad with olive oil
Midafternoon: Pistachio nuts and an apple
Post training: Protein shake and 2 egg turkey omlette

I dont enjoy this atall so find eating a chore, I am wondering if I can realistically eat a mixture of my old diet and new yet still feel ok and get in shape? I am fine with the fruit and nuts as snacks but really do not enjoy the salad. I know some people have substituted components of there diet for more healthier option? I cannot cook anything through the day as I work from a van. I get about 10 mins prep time on an evening to make everything so would like to stick to that. Was thinking possibly something like:

Breakfast: Bran flakes and yakult blueberry yogurt
Midmorning: Protein shake and pistachio nuts
Lunch: Grannary bread and beef or lamb sandwich
Midafternoon: Apple and oat bar
Post training: Protein shake and tin of fish

I currentely train Krav maga 2-3 times a week which has a big conditioning session at the start and then having a lifting/abs session on the weekend. I also walk/jog every morning/evening with the dog and do a small morning circuit consisting of turkish get ups, push ups, crunches and squats.

Any advice would be great thanks