Hey everyone,

You guys have been such a source of information and encouragement for me. I really NEED your input.
I did paleo about 2 years ago. I lost alot of weight very fast from being in ketosis and eating strict. However, I started losing hair and not feeling well. So, I added in some carbs like corn and beans. My hair loss stopped and so did my weight loss. Then I went through a stressful year with a sick child and gained back 30 pounds of a 65pound loss. I was eating around 150gr. of carbs a day.

Recently, I just haven't felt well. I am gluten, dairy, soy, and nightshade free. I figured that I was eating to many carbs even if it is sweet potatoes, fruit, coconut milk products, etc.... I checked my blood sugar level the other night and it was 260!!!!! This was after eating 3 thin corn tortillas that equal 22 carbs, 3gr. fiber. I wrapped turkey with mayo in them. I immediately went for a walk to get my blood sugar down and down it came! It went to 108 in 20 minutes! Now, I know that sounds great but it made me feel terrible.

Over the next few days I cut back on the carbs but then struggled with low blood sugars. I had this problem 2 years ago after being paleo for 6 months. My fasting blood sugar level drawn at the lab was 43!!! This is why I added in carbs. Now I see that it does matter what carbs to add in.

Over the last week my blood sugar would not stabalize so I finally went to the doctor because I could not get it under control. The doc sent me for blood work. My A1c came back 5.7 which is slightly elevated and my TSH was 3.98 which is a little off for me. I feel better at 3.

I have PCOS, metabolic x syndrome, hypothyroid. I can not take armour thyroid, I have a reaction to it. I only respond to synthroid.

My doc wants me to take metformin 500mg 3 times a day. I did start it because I was so desperate to get the blood sugar balanced but Metformin makes me feel terrible.

I've decided to get back to the Paleo way of eating. Here is where I need your help. What do I do about the low blood sugar? Should I eat a little fruit or starchy veggies at each meal???
I don't do well eating to often. 4 times a day seems to be best for me.

I would appreciate any feed back.