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Thread: NEED HELP dr. put me on metformin

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    I just came across this Robb Wolf article on Merformin, have you read it?

    Paleo Diet, Inflammation and Metformin

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    A1C of 5.7 is not elevated.

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    Eyeofround, The lab flagged my results. 5.7 is considered an average blood sugar of 125. This is higher than they would like.

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    Your lab must use very different values. It's usually considered that anything below 6.0 is NOT diabetic or even pre-, but levels in the 6 range are pre-diabetic. Usually doctors don't medicate until the A1C is 7.0 or above.

    I know that the first priority should be managing your blood sugar, but you mention that you're hypothyroid and taking supplemental hormones (Sythroid). Taking these hormones always suppresses the TSH, so someone who is optimally medicated will have TSH at 1.0 or slightly below. A TSH of 3.0 or above suggests that you are seriously undermedicated.

    Thyroid hormones regulate many body functions, and it's possible that this may be the source of your wide-ranging blood glucose numbers.

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    I am diabetic and hypothyroid. I am on synthroid and it works for me. I feel good when my TSH is around 1.2 to 1.5. Anything higher and I feel like death warmed over. I have been diabetic or prediabetic for seven years. I was put on metformin about five years ago. My A1c is currently 6.2 but when it was prescribed I was around 5.7. PCOS is another reason Metformin is prescribed to improve symptoms aside from diabetes. Extended release is much easier on my insides. I am also a person that feels the changes in blood sugar and strongly desires very tight control so I don't feel like crap. I am a fifth generation diabetic with nearly all my siblings and about 1/3 of my cousins being diabetic. The genetic cards were not in my favor and I was diagnosed at 35.

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