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Thread: Hotel quick breakfast ideas?

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    Thanks all for the feedback. I am leaning towards just eating at the counter service which has suitable food. I am traveling from HK so I cant really bring food with me. I can order locally and have it delivered though.

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    Yeah, I think one good thing is to have a good breakfast- bacon and eggs should be easy to find, yes it will include toast, no you don't have to eat the toast. It's very easy to have a primal breakfast at a restaurant.

    You might pick up some snacks for the park though. Fruit, almond butter, nuts.
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    Thanks all.

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    Hard to find paleo food at Disney . Last year we were in a hotel with room service so a few days we had them send up meat and eggs, was much better than the counter service carb filled breakfasts. Other days we picked up some lunch meat turkey and cheese slices and fruit at the hotel store to have on hand in the morning. Or you can go out of the park to a grocery store and stock up.

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