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Thread: Do you have the desire to save (or be) a damsel in distress?

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    Do you have the desire to save (or be) a damsel in distress?

    I was playing Dante's Inferno last night, and I got to thinking that the mission of the game (saving his wife who was taken by the devil) is a pretty common theme in video games (saving a damsel in distress). Then I was thinking that this is a common theme not just in video games, but in movies, fairy tales, pretty much everything.

    So, this got me thinking that if this is such a common theme, it must be because this is some kind of universal, innate desire that men have. Then, I wondered, does this mean that women have an innate desire to be saved?

    I'm trying to figure out if this desire (for men) is driven more by the need to feel powerful and strong, the need for blood and violence, the need to have a woman put in a postion of being grateful (and likely to repay the debt with sex) or a combination of all three. Or, some other factors I haven't considered.

    Also, I'm wondering if women who desire to be saved do so because being saved by a man will somehow prove his loyalty and strength, hence filtering potential mates.

    I realize that not everyone fits neatly into these categories based on their sex. I, for one, sort of have both the desire to save and be saved, which is perhaps related to being bisexual.

    I'm wondering what other people's thoughts are on this.
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